mardi 9 mars 2010
par  Paul Doukhan

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[1] Mixing : properties and examples ; Lecture Notes in Statistics 85, Springer-Verlag, 1994.

[2] Theory and Applications of Long-range Dependence, Paul Doukhan, Georges Oppenheim and Murad S. Taqqu editors (718 pages) Birkhaüser, Boston (2003).

[3] Course of Mathematical Analysis with Jean Claude Sifre in French, Editions Dunod

[4] Dependence in Probability and Statistics , Patrice Bertail, Paul Doukhan, and Philippe Soulier (Editors.) Springer, New York (500 pages) 2006.

[5] Weak dependence : models, theory and applications (350 pages), Lecture Notes 190 in Statistics, Springer-Verlag, with G. Lang, C. Prieur, S. Louhichi, J. Dedecker, J. R. Leon (2007).

Publications in refereed journals

publications in reviews with a reading comity

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Colloquia, congresses and chapters in a book

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Notes at Comptes Rendus Acad. Sc. Paris

(with proofs and without any forthcoming publication)

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In preparation

[1] with G. Lang,. Evaluation for moments of a ratio with application to regression estimation, Submitted.

[2] with G. Lang, O., Klesov. Rates in strong laws of large numbers in nonparametric statistics, in preparation.

[3] with J. Leon.. Subsampling an asymptotic variance, in preparation.

[4] with G. Lang, D. Surgailis. Limit theorems for non linear long range dependent Bernoulli shifts sequences, in preparation.

[5] with N. Ragache. A CLT for weakly dependent triangular arrays : application to functional estimation, in preparation.

[6] with O. Brandière. How to make the method of moments work ? Applications to random matrices, in preparation.

[7] with N. Bahamonde, E. Moulines. Spectral estimation for censored times series data, in preparation..

[8] with G. Lang. A dependent analogue to Kolmogorov Smirnov test, in preparation.

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