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lundi 8 mars 2010
par  Ciprian Tudor

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1. (with M. Clausel, F. Roueff and M. Taqqu) "Wavelet estimation of the long memory parameter for Hermite polynomial of Gaussian processes,", 37 pages, 2011.

2. (with Jorge Clarke De la Cerda) "Least square estimator for the parameter of the fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck sheet",, 12 pages, 2011 . (Extended version)

3. (with Solesne Bourguin) "Malliavin calculus and self normalized sums", 22 pages, 2011.

4. (with Makoto Maejima) "Selfsimilar processes with stationary increments in the second Wiener chaos",, 2011, 25 pages.


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